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About Us

AAS Wealth Management is an independent Financial Service Provider firm, established in year 2002 by Mr. Ajay Kumar Gupta with a vision to make people Financially Healthy by providing solutions which meet expectations and maintain high professional & ethical standards along with the adherence to the service commitments .

At AAS Wealth Management we  Ensure creation of the desired value for our customers through constant improvement, innovation, novelty and commitment to service & quality through our Qualified professional including C.I.S., A.M.F.I. & C.P.F.A.         

Our Service Standard :-

Service in words, service in action

Service is the key to unlocking customer satisfaction, which again is the key for sustainability of any business. At AAS Wealth Management we understand this very well. AAS Wealth Management has set strict processes in place to deliver quality services to customers. At AAS Wealth Management strict quality service standards are set and a well-defined process is established and followed religiously by our customer service teams. Performance is evaluated on a frequent basis and glitches are ironed out.

But quality service also involves quality people in addition to processes. AAS Wealth Management gives significant focus to the proper training and development of the people involved in the service delivery chain.

 Further we,

     Have well-defined "Privacy Policy" to keep clients’ information confidential & internal audits done on the same at regular intervals
     Receive various statistics which are analyzed on an ongoing basis to improve the service standards

We are committed to improve and enhance our services and undertake new service initiatives. Such and other services differentiate us with other service providers in the industry.

Our vision:-

 To be the leader in our field of business through :

    Total Customer Satisfaction
    Commitment to Excellence
    Determination to Succeed with strict adherence to compliance
    Successful Wealth Creation of our Customers

Our Mission :-

 To serve :

    1. Bright, Creative, Visionary, Mission-Minded and Very Busy Clergy persons, who tell me,

       they often feel Clue-less about many personal Money Matters.

    2. Helping our clients, plan their seeds, nurture the crops and harvest the crop, when time is right.

    3. Helping our clients to plan their longest vacation of their Life…………………Retirement.

Our Edge :-

Our edge stems from our relentless emphasis on winning the trust of our clients. We look at each client interaction as a part of an ongoing relationship of trust and not as a one-time transactional activity. We seek to build this trust through the following pyramid approach:-

Why AAS Wealth Management :-

In a world full of 'ready-to-give-free-of-cost-advice' people it is necessary that you choose the one that works in your interest. You need help from a professional investment advisor, who sees investments from your perspective. That's what we do.


    11 years of experience as Investment Advisors and Financial Planners
    We give you impartial, research-based and need-based advice
    We offer a wide range of financial products and services
    Personalized wealth management advice: We offer investment guidance and portfolio planning.
    Prompt, courteous service
    24 x 7 online accessibility- www.aasonline.in
    Strong team of qualified and experienced professionals